Hua Hin Holidays

at the cosy night market of Hua Hin.

Best Holidays in Hua Hin

The Hua Hin district, including the city Hua Hin, is about a three hours drive from Bangkok and near the sea. Ideal for a relaxed holiday surrounded by nature but also some action during one of the various attractions offered in the area. To give you some inspiration, here one day full of diverse activities, but mind you (!) there is much more to do, such as visiting a exciting water park, national nature park or other amusement parks like Santorini park.

Monkey Mountain

Start the day early with a vivid walk upon the Thao Takiab mountain, also called Chopstick or Monkey Mountain. As the name tells you, there are many (wild!) monkeys living on the mountain, which is a better experience than any zoo. They won’t hurt you as long as you’re not bothering them, make sure not having any food with you, if you want to feed them you can buy something over there. There is a enormous standing golden Buddha statue and beautiful temple on the top of the mountain. You should definitely climb up there, the reward is a fantastic view over Hua Hin.

The old railway station

Crab a tuk-tuk or taxi to the next destination: the city Hua Hin. It won’t take you long, approximately 15 min. Ask the driver to stop for a moment at the railway station, it is a beautiful station built during the regime of Rama VI (1910 – 1925). The photogenic design of the railway station is an interesting mix between Thai and European influence.

Vintage Plearn Wan shopping village

Continue the journey to another architectural building, the Plearn Wan shopping village, located close to the Klai Kang Won Palace which can be admired from the outside you will need a permit to enter the summer residence of the king. Though, the shopping centre is happy to welcome you, distinguishing itself from other malls with the unique design bringing its visitors back in time. The vintage look sets a pleasant ambiance to stroll along the various shops selling souvenirs, toys, liquor, accessories and above all food. The best Thai foods can be found here and especially don’t forget to try one of the delicious Thai deserts. 

Best seafood restaurants

Heading back in the direction of the railway station you should visit the night market of Hua Hin. The street becomes lively from 18.30 onwards and is definitely a fun experience. You can eat the biggest, fresh fishes and other seafood in one of the restaurants, exposing some of their fishes at a stall in front of the restaurant where they prepare it for you, it provides you with a clear overview of the menu. Next to the in and outdoor restaurants/food stalls, there are many other things to see, even if you don’t necessarily want to buy one of the souvenirs, clothes, bags, DVDs, accessories, jewelry, crafts or house wear, walking at the night market among Thai is an experience in itself. From the night market it will take you just ten minutes by car to get back home to The Rock Beachfront Spa Resort Hua Hin. 


monkey-huahin-1024x688The monkey mountain – the monkeys are right in front of you before you know it.

hua hin train stationThe beautifully built train station of Hua Hin.

Shopping-at-huahinThe shopping village – pleasant to walk around, shop or taste the various tropical foods.  You can find anything at the cosy night market of Hua Hin.