Hua Hin: The Royal Paradise Destination

When visiting Hua-Hin you will be amazed by its beauty and vibrant culture. Hua-Hin is located in the south of Prachuap Khiri Province, in the Gulf of Thailand. Since the Royal Family decided to build their summer palace there (around 1920), it has converted into a fashionable escape for people all around Thailand. The city offers plenty of tourist attractions for a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or just a friend’s vacation. The top sights Hua-Hin has to offer are: The night market, Khao Takiab (Chopsticks Hill or Monkey Mountain), Hua-Hin beach, and Ratchapak Park.

The Night Market

The night Market is definitely a “must see” of Hua-Hin. It is located right in the center of town from Petchkasem Road to the railway line, and opens around six but starts getting really busy around seven. It is recommended to get there early, giving you a chance to walk the market without much crowd so you can see everything and then you can start shopping! Also if you are really lucky the sunset view from the market is just to die for.

The night market sells just about anything you want: foot massages, decoration, cloth, and the best of all mouthwatering food. You can literally stare for hours seeing everything from fruit, fish, seafood, crepes, sticky rice, and traditional Thai food. So it is best to go on an empty stomach. Also if you are looking for something more formal, you can find plenty of restaurants on the side walk where you can eat and enjoy the view.

Khao Takiab (Chopsticks Hill or Monkey Mountain)

Khao Takiab is a mountain south of Hua-Hin. You can get there by walking on the beach (depending on the season), walking through the village or by road. The great thing about this mountain is that it is filled with amazing sights all over. From the beach the most impressive is a 20 meter long golden Buddha looking over the sea. On top of the hill you are going to be able to visit Wat Khao Lad Temple.  After some very high steep steps to go, once you’re on top the view is simply breathtaking. You’ll be able to see the whole bay, the beach and the rich blue ocean right at your feet. If the last two highlights of Khao Takiab are not enough, once you reach the top, the mountain is filled with monkeys from all shape and sizes. Here you can feed them and watch them up close. Really fascinating experience especially if you have younger children.  It is recommended not to get to close to them, even though they are used to humans they can still bite you. The best thing to do is leave the food on the floor and they will go get it.

The Beach of Hua Hin

The sand is sugar white, and the ocean light blue, the pure sight of it invites you to go in and swim. Depending on the season (and the tide) you can have the most romantic, strolls on the beach while seeing the sun set, or have a great time with your family and friends just playing around; building sand castles and splashing in the ocean waves. It doesn’t matter what you do, the beach at Hua-Hin is definitely its highlight. There is nothing like a summer beach vacation to relax and share with your loved ones.

Ratchapakdi Park

If you’re in the mood to do some cultural sightseeing while staying in Hua-Hin, then Ratchapakdi Park is definitely the place. This is a “theme park” honoring all great kings of Thailand since the Sukhothai period to the current royal house of Chakri. Each of the seven statuses consists on a 13.9 meter tall bronze figure, standing one next to the other; each one was designed by Thailand’s Fine Arts Department. The pure size of each statue is majestic and the combination of all of them together really is something incredible to see. You won’t regret going.

Hua-Hin is a city full of color, culture and amazing things awaits you there. The name “Royal Paradise” really speaks to the kind of place it is. Whether you decide to spend a day on the beach, or sightseeing you will have a magnificent time there. The night life is not bad either; it is full of little bars with great old songs to remember the good old days and drink to the amazing moments  about to come. Once you’re in Thailand you can’t miss Hua-Hin’s magic, it’s a place you’ll remember forever.

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