Special festivals of Hua Hin


Colorful kites  hua hin

Colorful kites during the International Kite Festival

Hua Hin offers many festivals throughout the year. Small ones and bigger ones, the most special events are mentioned below however don’t be too sure of the mentioned dates, they can change. Besides these festivals there are many other events like concerts and food courts.
International Kite Festival
With the wind coming from the Gulf of Thailand, The King Rama VI camp close to Hua Hin an ideal location for the festival. Over ten years people come to witness the demonstrations of many different types of kites such as Thai kites, stunt kites, big and small ones. Competitions are being held as well with teams or individuals from all over the world, spectacular to see! The festival is held every second year in March.

Hua Hin Kiteboarding World Cup
While sitting on the beaches of Hua Hin you can spot many people kiteboarding in the months October to May. Professionals are showing of in March when the World Cup is held. They are performing various elements of kiteboarding such as freestyle and course racing.

Jazz festival
In Hua Hin you will find one of Thailand’s best Jazz festivals. Once organized by a hotel, it has grown into a well recognized Jazz concert in Thailand, organized by the company Passion4share. Professional artists from all around the world will perform various forms of Jazz music. Every year more than 15.000 visitors come towards Hua Hin to be a part of this event. In 2015 the Jazz festival will be organized for the 14th time on the beaches of Hua Hin around June/July. Tip: make sure to arrive early to claim one of chairs on the beach.

Horse Festival
Riding along the stretched beaches of Hua Hin is a popular sport. In 2009 the first official horse festival of Hua Hin became a fact. There are several tacks: short distances for locals and 40 to 80 kilometer rides for advanced riders. Three different groups can participate, Thai residents, inhabitants of neighboring countries and other nationalities. Definitely fun if you are a horse lover but even if you’re not, there is enough to see. Previously organized in July and December.

Golf festival
Hua Hin is one of the most precious golf destinations in Thailand with well-maintained golf fields for low fees. Every year in August and September many national and international golfers attend this event. A wide range of courses is available for every golfer. If you are not that comfortable with golfing yet, there are as well amateur events organized in Hua Hin.

Vintage Car Parade
A big event exposing the most beautiful, rare and antique cars, some of them are very valuable. Most participants are dressed to the occasion in clothing styles originating from the 1920 – 1940. The parade is full of good entertainment such as special activities for its visitors and music concerts. Local Thai people as well as foreigners can be found at the event, organized in December.

the beaches of Hua Hin

Jazz festival at the beaches of Hua Hin