The Monkey mountain of Hua Hin

mount khao takiab-Hua Hin

The Monkey Mountain – the golden statue can be seen from far away.

Guests of The Rock beachfront spa resort in Hua Hin are overlooking a hill with a prominent golden Buddha statue of about 20 meters, visible from far away. What you can’t tell from such a distance is the fact that there are many busy inhabitants living on the Khao Takiab hill, therefore the hill is also called: the Monkey mountain (another nickname is the Chopstick Hill). A visit to this mountain is a real experience when monkeys will come towards you searching for a banana. It can’t be compared with anything like a zoo and on top of that, the hill provides its visitors with the best view over the area, a precious Buddha statue and temples.


The monkeys

Hundreds of monkeys living on the hill, it’s an amazing thing to see. Before you know it one of them will be running after you. Here are some useful things you will need to know if you want to go to the Monkey Mountain.

  1. The monkeys are very friendly, used to humans but they remain wild animals. The main rule to remember here is that monkeys will never hurt anyone as long as you don’t bother them. This means you should never touch a monkey. If a monkey comes close to you it won’t be any problem (it can even jump upon you!), as long as you are not stroking the monkey yourself it is all fun.
  2. You should pay attention to your belongings, some monkeys are very curious. It is best if you are not bringing any food yourself, monkeys will definitely try to get it. If you want to feed them you can contact the caretakers to get some monkey goodies for a modest price (think of corn, bananas and peanuts).
  3. Lastly don’t forget to make pictures! It is amazing how close these monkeys come to you in the open nature.


What else…

Visiting the Monkey Mountain is a fulfilling excursion and nice walk. After climbing up the hill and having admired the wild monkeys, you can visit the Khao Lad temple, located at the top of the hill. Getting up the stairs is a good exercise rewarded with the best view upon Hua Hin. The Wat Khao Lad is an important temple for believers, in order to respect the Buddhism it is required to dress properly before entering the temple.


How to get there

The Monkey Mountain is stretching into the sea with at its feet the small village Khao Takiab, about six km from Hua Hin city. Starting at The Rock beachfront spa resort it won’t take long to walk to the Monkey mountain. It’s a lovely walk on the sandy beach along the seacoast leading towards the mountain. Other transportation possibilities are the tuk-tuk, bus or taxi.  To finish the day you can have a refreshing drink after the trip at one of the cozy bars and restaurants of the village Khao Takiab.

hua hin monkey

This monkey doesn’t rush today, while eating on the temple grounds.

Hua hin Location

Stunning view at the top of the Monkey Mountain.

hua hin monkey

Mother with her baby – the hairs are now still black but will turn into light brown later on.