Things to do at Khao Takiab, Hua Hin.

Horse Riding at Khao Takiab

Horse Riding at Khao Takiab – HUA HIN, THAILAND.

Khao Takiab is a place in Hua Hin. A well known place for its beautiful, clean, white sand beach. A very fast growing town, with new attractions for tourist. Hua-Hin was the destination for holidays of Royal Thai Families. As they prefer calm climate. Its just an 2.5 to 3hours of drive from Bangkok. People love to come at Khao Takiab due to its wonderful view from top of mount and to enjoy the calm atmosphere. This is approximately 270m high from the sea level. Which gives you wonderful view of the Hua-Hin City. Along with this there are two beautiful beaches along sides of Khao Takiab, gives you relaxing and enjoying atmosphere. The newly open restaurants and bars are growing due to its popularity and become main attraction of Hua-Hin.

Khao Takiab is also known as Monkey Mountain – due to hundreds of monkey are living our the mount Takiab. There is a beautiful temple name WAT KHAO LAD which will let you see the best view of Hua hin. Along with feeding to monkeys there is lot of other activities. You can enjoy watersports, banana boat ridding, jet skiing, para-sailing, kayaking. Also at bottom of mountain there are Elephant camps, which allow you to get a ride and feed them. For beach games you can play popular beach volleyball, football and takraw. There are many other activities like – Horse riding on the beach, golf, fishing, kiteboarding, fitness, yoga, elphant camps & trekking, thai message & spa, cooking courses, walking & cycling and much more..

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