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cave spa oil massage wellness
cave spa oil massage wellness

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Hua Hin is a most precious and charming town, facing the seaside of the gulf of Thailand. Get your day started at The Rock Hua Hin with the enjoyment of the sunrise over the blue sea.

Dinn (Earth)
Traditional Thai Massage

Dinn Thai massage therapy is for wind Elements which concentrates on healing the body’s imbalances. This massage technique Therapists use hands, knees legs and feel to move you into a series of gentle yoga like therapists and rhythmic openings to create expansion and relaxation in the body.

cave spa wellness

Naam (Water)
Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Water element massage therapy is a deeply relaxing this traditional treatment is used to soothe muscle tension and stiffness in key areas. The combination of heat and natural herbs is absorbed by the body to help reduce aches.

cave spa oil massage wellness

Lomm (Wind)
Strss & Migraine Relief Massage

Lomm therapeutic massage therapy for wind element which concentrates on healing Excellent headache therapy combined reflexology, acupressure, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy techniques to effectively relieve muscle tension in head, face, eyes, neck, shoulders and upper back.

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Faii (Fire)
Cave Oil Massage

Especially for fire element to relax body and mind with this “Cave Oil Massage “Our attention is poured into the massage essentials of oil used for the message that integrates with technique of aromatic rejuvenated experience to leave you the feeling of indulgence and pampering

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